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November 2021 Newsletter:
Estate Planning, Recall of Coppertone Sunscreens for Benzene, The Dangers of Vaping, Updates for Talcum Powder, Roundup and Truvada

How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin:
There’s a pumpkin out there that’s perfect for you!

October 2021 Newsletter:
Paperwork and Deadlines, Bayer to Pull Glyphosate from Store Shelves, Benzene in Sunscreen,
Taking 3M Back to Court

August 2021 Newsletter:
3M Earplugs Litigation: Still Pushing for Justice, OXG Shampoo and Hair Loss, Benzene in Sunscreen, CPAP/BIPAP Recalls

June 2021 Newsletter:
Merck Vaccine Exploits Girls with Gardasil, Updates for Roundup, 3M Earplugs and Talcum Powder

Spring 2021 Newsletter:
Industry-Funded Asbestos Research Distorts Risks, Updates on Elmiron, 3M Earplugs, and
Estate Planning

January 2021 Newsletter:
Why You Need to Plan Your Estate Now, Updates on Talcum Powder, Zantac, and Motor Vehicle Accidents

December 2020 Newsletter:
Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Why You Need It!, Updates on Talcum Powder and Roundup

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