Welcome To Our Firm

Our firm is located in the small, historic town of Weston, Missouri.  The location of our firm says a lot about who we are and how we practice law.  A close-knit small town fits our personality and the close relationships that come with a small community are the same kinds of relationships we develop with our clients.  Our goal isn’t just to understand your case but to develop trusting relationships that will weather the storm of litigation.  We have a 20-year history of representing personal injury clients who have become close personal friends.

Although our firm is located in a small town, just north of Kansas City, we have a nationwide practice.  Usually, our clients’ cases are filed in courthouses that are not close to our clients or our firm. So, our little town is a great launching pad to wherever you live or wherever your case is pending.

A serious personal injury or death of a loved one caused by the carelessness of another is one of the most significant events any family could ever face.  It’s not a time to become a case number in some mega firm’s file room. Serious cases deserve personal attention from experienced lawyers.

You can have personal attention without sacrificing results.  You can know your lawyer and your lawyer’s family by their first names and vice versa no matter where you live because we take the time to make sure that happens.  Personal attention and good relationships created in a small firm setting don’t detract from results, they make them more likely.  Here are some relatively recent results achieved by our two-man law firm:

ProjectGross Recovery
Toxic Torts$18,250,000

You can and should get a free consultation from an experienced lawyer on the same day you contact a law firm.  When you’re facing one of the toughest times in your life, you deserve personal attention from an experienced lawyer — not a case screener.

Don’t get us wrong.  We have a great support staff.  When you’re in the middle of your case with us and you just need an update, or you want to pass on some new information, you’ll love talking to Wendy, Kelly, or Renee.  In fact, many of our clients consider them close friends and allies.  But sometimes, you just need to talk to your lawyer.  We make time for that even if it’s in the evening or on the weekend.  We’re probably working anyway.  Personal service, strong relationships with clients, hard work and over 50 years of combined experience make us the best choice for your personal injury case.

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