Benzene in Antiperspirants and Body Sprays

Valisure detected high levels of known human carcinogen benzene in several body sprays products. 59 antiperspirant and deodorant body spray products contained benzene, an industrial chemical known to cause leukemia and other potentially serious health risks. Valisure LLC has tested and detected high levels of benzene, a known human carcinogen, in several brands and batches of antiperspirant body sprays, which are considered drug products by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as in deodorant body spray products, which FDA generally regulates as cosmetics. 54% of samples tested by Valisure contained detectable benzene and some batches contained up to nine times the conditionally restricted FDA concentration limit of 2 parts per million (ppm).

The most highly contaminated — two lots of an Old Spice antiperspirant called Pure Sport (Lots 11671458SQ and 11671458SB; UPC 012044001912) — contained 17.7 and 17.4 average parts per million of benzene. Secret Powder Fresh, 24 HR Aerosol (Lots 11721458SG and 11701458SH; UPC 037000711087) had about 16 average parts per million, tests showed.

“With aerosols, you might be using it every day, probably in a closed space like a bathroom,” Valisure CEO David Light said. The company tested the product with the highest levels of benzene in a closed bathroom, spraying once under each arm as a consumer would. By doing so, you “could bring the entire bathroom air to 15 times the limit for what the EPA has said is an increased risk for leukemia,” Light said.

Body Spray/Antiperspirant products in which benzene was detected at 2.00 ppm or higher:

PhotoProduct NameUPC/NDCLots TestedTypeBenzene Mean (ppm ± %SD)
Old Spice Pure Sport
12/16 oz.
Antiperspirant17.7 ± 13%
17.4 ± 8%
3.34 ± 16%
Secret Aerosol Powder Fresh
12/6 oz.
12/4 oz.
Twin Pack



Antiperspirant16.2 ± 17%

16.1 ± 16%

12.5 ± 12%

Tag Midnight, Fine Fragrance
Body Spray, Long
Lasting Scent
850007395421M 21075Deodorant14.1 ± 28%
Sure Lasts All Day Unscented Aerosol883484002278(L)21175
11.1 ± 14%
3.59 ± 35%
2.36 ± 9%
Equate Dry Spray, Cucumber6811313464431E05Antiperspirant6.15 ± 5%
Old Spice Below Deck, Powder
Spray, Feel Drier &
Cleaner, Down Below, Fresh Air
037000695707246144504Deodorant5.22 ± 3%
Suave 24 Hour Protection,
Powder, Aerosol
07940075150807151AD14Antiperspirant5.21 ± 4%
Right Guard Sport, Fresh, Up To 48
HR Odor Protection
Antiperspirant5.00 ± 10%
2.61 ± 16%
Secret Cool Light & Airy Smooth Feel, Dry Spray, 48 Hour Freshness, Rose03700079884211091458SN
Antiperspirant4.85 ± 6%
2.58 ± 20%
Old Spice Sweat Defense, Stronger
Swagger, Dry Spray,
Sweat & Odor Protection
03700073034711001458SCAntiperspirant4.54 ± 24%
Brut Classic, 24 Hr Protection827755070108(L)21155
Antiperspirant4.13 ± 7%
2.34 ± 4%
Tag Sport, Fearless, Fine Fragrance Body Spray, Long Lasting Scent8541520087860252020203Deodorant2.53 ± 46%
Tag Sport, Dominate, Fine Fragrance Body Spray, Long Lasting Scent8541520087620252035602Deodorant2.30 ± 36%
Suave 24 Hour Protection,
Fresh, Aerosol
Antiperspirant2.30 ± 9%
2.24 ± 6%

Body Spray/Antiperspirant products in which benzene was detected at 0.10 ppm to 2.00 ppm:

Photo Product Name UPC/NDC Lots Tested Type Benzene
Mean (ppm ± %SD)
Summer’s Eve Ultra Freshening Spray,
Deodorant1.89 ± Insufficient
0.87 ± 11%
Secret Cool Light & Airy Smooth Feel, Dry Spray, 48 Hour Freshness, Light
03700072992111101458SNAntiperspirant1.64 ± 43%
Right Guard Sport, Powder Dry, Up
To 48 HR Odor
017000068268Q601900730Antiperspirant1.46 ± 7%
Secret Cool Light & Airy Smooth Feel, Dry Spray, 48 Hour Freshness, Waterlily03700072991412151458FCAntiperspirant1.35 ± 8%
Secret Out Last, Protecting Powder, 48 HR Sweat &
Odor, Protection, Dry
03700074772712141458FBAntiperspirant1.24 ± 18%
Suave 24 Hour Protection,
Powder, Aerosol
07940078490208141AD00Antiperspirant0.97 ± 7%
Right Guard Sport, Fresh, Up To 48
HR Odor Protection
017000068060Q631800729Antiperspirant0.91 ± 23%
Power Stick All-Day Fresh Body Spray, Cool Blast8502410008774154B861
Deodorant0.56 ± 36%
0.21 ± 43%
Old Spice Sweat Defense, Ultimate
Captain, Dry Spray, 48 Hour, Sweat & Odor Protection
03700074947912641458FJAntiperspirant0.44 ± 19%
Soft & Dri Classic, Signature Soft Scent735303381043Q61C313Antiperspirant0.36 ± 4%
Victoria’s Secret VS Him, Platinum06675522529071130J5B1Deodorant0.29 ± 16%
Victoria’s Secret VS Him, Deepwater06675522528601131J5B1Deodorant0.20 ± 28%

If you have been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, leukemia, or multiple myeloma and have regularly used any of these body spray products, we urge you to call us toll free at 877-704-7674.  We will evaluate your potential benzene claim at no charge. 

What Does It Cost To Find Out If I Have A Case?

Nothing. Call us toll free at (877) 704-7674 for a free case evaluation. You’ll speak to a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience, not a case screener. We will take the time to discuss your case and your legal options. If your case proceeds to the investigation and litigation phase, we cover those costs. We are paid for our time and repaid for case expenses only if you make a financial recovery in the form of a settlement or verdict.

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